Profile Design by Aquaman Bionik 2 Men's Triathlon Wetsuit

Profile Design by Aquaman Bionik 2 Men's Triathlon Wetsuit

Profile Design by Aquaman Bionik 2 Men's Triathlon Wetsuit Profile Design by Aquaman Bionik 2 Men's Triathlon Wetsuit Profile Design by Aquaman Bionik 2 Men's Triathlon Wetsuit
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Feel like the 6 million dollar man coming out of the water in the Bionik 2 men's triathlon specific wetsuit. The Bionik 2 is made of Yamamoto #39 Smoothskin rubber with SCS coating, which is the finest quality neoprene available. The Bionik 2 is constructed of 5mm thick neoprene on the body, thighs and calves for maximum buoyancy and 3 mm on the shoulders, arms and collar for better range of motion and comfort. The arms and legs are cut shorter for fast removal during transition, by having a larger opening designed to fit around the forearm and not the wrist, to easily get it past the hands and feet. The arm cuffs of the Bionik 2 are thinner and use Ultra Flex textile inside to help shave every possible second in transition. The unique cut of this suit born from 30 years of Aquaman experience and the flexibility of the neoprene that Profile Design uses allow the closest fit possible on the body for maximum speed.
The Bionik 2 is a true competition level triathlon wetsuit specifically designed to fit a man's body and has all the features you expect from wetsuits costing a lot more like:
  • SCS (Super Composite Skin) Coating- A neoprene treatment, incorporated into the neoprene, that makes the suit super slick and reduces friction with the water You could compare SCS to the wax you use on skis to make them faster on the snow. The difference is that the SCS is incorporated into the neoprene permanently and will stay in it forever.
  • Multi-Neoprene Construction- The laminated textile lining of the suit body and Super Stretch textile on the shoulder and upper arm with multidirectional stretch. Profile Design wetsuits by Aquaman are the only wetsuits on the market that offer this feature.
  • Express Opening System- Prevents accidental in water opening by having the zipper reversed. If someone accidentally climbs your back, the suit won't open accidentally. This also makes it easier to open providing faster removal during transition. The flexible zipper design is specially contoured to fit the body's natural curve while in the swimming position for a sleeker fit and maximum comfort.
  • Friction Free 7 cm High Collar- There are no seams or Velcro around the neckline to make contact with the skin making the suit more comfortable while keeping water out.
  • Arm Propeller- Lengthwise ribbing on the forearms grip the water for more power in the pull phase of the stroke, but does not drag during the reach phase like other wetsuits.
  • Flexor Stretch Zone- A 3mm high stretch area in the lower back and behind the knees help to relieve low back tension and assist with running from the water to the transition.
  • Ergo Shoulder- Special one piece shoulder has fewer seams to help eliminate rubbing.

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