VDO C1DS Cycle Computer

VDO C1DS Cycle Computer

VDO C1DS Cycle Computer
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If you want the bragging rights, you're going to need the proof. The VDO C1DS cycling computer will let you impress all your riding buddies with hard, solid numbers to back up your boasts of record top speeds and grueling distance. It records a boat load of riding data, and is easy to use and install. It's even programmable for use on two different bikes. Be forewarned though, nobody likes a braggart, so use this newfound evidence of your awesomeness sparingly. Another warning: these VDO computers only come with directions in Swedish (no, we're not kidding). Unless you speak Swedish, make sure you download the English directions PDF found on this page. Euro instructions only please download English/American instructions by clicking the link below.
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