Ascent Mag 3-L Trainer

Ascent Mag 3-L Trainer

Ascent Mag 3-L Trainer Ascent Mag 3-L Trainer
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Achieve new heights in fitness with the Ascent Mag 3-L Trainer. The beauty of its magnetic resistance unit is the ability to select the level of resistance you want to utilize - in this case three levels, in the realms of Peaceful Sunday Cruise to Hill Repeat Delirium. The level of resistance is set right on the unit itself and of course you've got the full run of gears on your bike to further fine-tune the exertion level. The amount of noise generated is rather low as well so there'll be no need to crank the volume to high decibels as you enjoy your favorite tunes, DVDs, or TV shows for the duration of your workouts. This magnetic resistance trainer is perfect for indoor training at home when weather or lack of daylight puts a damper on riding outdoors and it's also portable enough to be the ideal means for getting warmed-up and ready to rock at a race.
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