Exustar SRT707 Road Touring Shoes

Exustar SRT707 Road Touring Shoes

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Usually cycling shoes are fairly ridiculous once you get off the bike. Either you're left awkwardly clip-clopping around, or you look like you borrowed your grandfather's orthopedic shoes. Fortunately, Exustar stepped into the game with their SRT707 Touring Shoes and brought some class and sophistication to the game. The upper is a full grain leather in a classic, lace up style that wouldn't have looked too out of place on the greats of the peloton of years past. The style is perfect for everything from everyday cycling use to wearing at the office. The fiberglass soul is plenty stiff for commuting or touring, and is flexible enough to make walking easy. The rubberized outsole means you can actually walk like a normal person when you're off the bike. These are ideal for people who commute or tour and don't like to carry a second pair of shoes around with them.

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