Nalini Compact 2003 Road Shoes

Nalini Compact 2003 Road Shoes

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Get ready for a blast from the glorious past with the Nalini Compact 2003 road cycling shoes. These are some pretty sweet vintage cycling shoes that'll take you back to a simpler, but no-less high performance, time. Gone are the complicated ratchets and do-hickies of modern road shoes. Instead you get a simple mesh and leather upper with three Kevlar hook-and-loop straps. Underneath the padded neoprene outer tongue is a set of lacing eyelets for a more comfortable, nearly custom fit. The sole is injection molded nylon, and is drilled for both 2- and 3-bolt cleat styles. The insoles are made with an Italian leather than is stiff at first, but conforms to your foot shape with repeated use. Looking at these shoes takes us back to a time of Crystal Clear Pepsi, VCR's and when Il Pirata, Der Keiser and Mellow Johnny dominated the peloton. To be honest, we're not exactly sure why these shoes are called "compact", but we can assure you there isn't a built-in bunion maker or anything in the toe box. We've tried them on and they fit pretty true to size.

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