Nalini Ciclo Kevlar Road Shoes

Nalini Ciclo Kevlar Road Shoes

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Get ready to wax chumps like a candle in some cycling shoes that don't want no scrubs. The Nalini Ciclo Kevlar road shoes are of a firmly 90's vintage that wouldn't look incredibly out of place in an MC Hammer music video. But thanks to the fickle winds of fashion, this distinctive color palette is actually back in style in the peloton. So bust out your Bugle Boy's, and let's get ready to take a journey. The Nalini Ciclo Kevlar road shoes are made with the "Special System Kevlar Carbon" soles that are stiff and feel surprisingly modern. They're also drilled for both 2- and 3-bolt cleats. And when you feel something grab a hold of you tightly both daily and nightly, that would be the Kevlar hook and loop straps, which hold your foot securely in the shoe. The mesh and leather uppers are highly breathable, and colored for maximum safety visibility. The insoles are a hardened Italian leather which will soften and mold to your foot with use. We've tried these shoes on and, all irony aside, are actually buying a pair for ourselves. They're comfortable, stiff and don't feel markedly different from our modern road shoes.

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