Northwave Nerowhite Road Shoes

Northwave Nerowhite Road Shoes

Northwave Nerowhite Road Shoes
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Nothing complements a day at the races like a pair of Northwave Nerowhite Road Cycling Shoes. These carbon-soled compadres feature Northwave's Ultralight outsole weighing in at just 60 grams all told. With synthetic uppers, massive amounts of ventilation, you also get all the fit and cooling you need so that when you're down in the drops you're not getting distracted by pain in the feet. Plus, for added performance and comfort, Nerowhite's SLW (Speed Lace Winch), hook and loop strap and ratchet strap closure keep you locked into that super stiff sole so all your efforts go to the rear wheel.

*Pair comes with one black and one white shoe-yep...that's how they made them.

Item No. »  YS-NERO

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