RETURNED: Giro Factor Road Shoes - Closeout

RETURNED: Giro Factor Road Shoes - Closeout

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Giro is kind of a Johnny-come-lately to the shoe category... but all that means is that it gave them a chance to do right what everyone else seems to be doing wrong. Things like understanding that not everyone has the same foot shape, or that a shoe can be both stiff as all get out and comfortable at the same time. That's why we love the Giro Factor road shoes. Not only do they have an incredible Easton EC90 carbon fiber sole with unmatched stiffness and power transfer, and the Teijin microfiber upper breathes well and is uber-comfy. But what we really love is the SuperNatural fit kit, that lets you customize the shoes to fit your feet. It comes with three different arch supports to help fight foot fatigue and arch cramps, so you always have proper alignment and a good pedal stroke motion. We admit, at first we were skeptical, but after trying it out, we started using the SuperNatural fit kit in all of our shoes. So if you need a pair of shoes that truly fits you, with a lightweight, superstiff sole and a soft, comfortable upper, you can't go wrong with the Giro Factor.

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