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Stan's NoTubes Cyclocross Tubeless System

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Flats suck. Don't just deal with them--get rid of them with a tubeless system. Stan's NoTubes system virtually eliminates flats by eliminating the source of the problem: your tubes. Just replace your rim strips with the ones included, fill your tires with the recommended amount of sealant and go. You'll wonder why you ever messed with tubes in the first place.
  • Tire sealant fills existing holes and punctures in the future
  • Stan's system reduces overall weight and rotating weight to help you improve your ride
  • Tubeless system means no more pinch flats, allowing you to run lower air pressure in your tires for better traction
  • Compatible with cyclocross wheels and tires
  • Includes: 1 16oz bottle of tire sealant, 2 rim strips, 1 scoop