Garmin Edge 810 Bundle & Map Card

Item: GN-810BDL-BASE
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When we first got our mitts on the Garmin Edge 810, we were immediately tempted to "accidentally" run over our old Garmin so we could have an excuse to get one. Garmin listened to a lot of user feedback about the 800, and the new and improved 810 incorporates all the things we wished we'd seen in the previous model. In addition to Garmin's peerless GPS technology, you also get Bluetooth connectivity that lets you tether the device to the Garmin app on your smartphone for real time data uploads, live-tracking and social network sharing. The phone can also push weather updates to the 810's screen, so you know when it's time to pull over and put on the rain cape. It also lets you customize an activity profile so you get different data displays depending on the type of training or riding you do that day.

Plus, with this handy bundle package, so you a premium heart rate sensor strap and a cadence sensor for more accurate, refined training data. The Map Card also gives you the ability to download local road and top maps from Garmin. Just load the map onto the card, pop it into the 810, and you're all set to go.

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