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Reynolds Carbon Cryo Blue Campagnolo Carbon Rim Brake Pads

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If you're planning on riding some shiny new carbon rims, you're going to need carbon fiber-specific brake pads. Carbon rims are lighter, stiffer and usually more aerodynamic than their alloy counterparts, but they also don't shed heat as efficiently and historically have had poorer braking performance. But Reynolds found a way around that with their new Blue Cryo pads. Their specially formulated to work with Reynolds rims to prevent excess heat buildup and dramatically improve braking performance. The unique properties of these pads also virtually eliminate squealing, which can be a problem on carbon rims even with properly toed brake shoes. These come as a set of 4.
  • Specially formulated compound is optimized for use with carbon rims
  • Minimizes heat build-up within the carbon brake track
  • Eliminates brake squealing
  • Improves braking surface
  • Note: Reynolds Blue Cryo pads are intended for use with carbon wheels with an embedded "scrim" (micro-textured surface) on the brake track
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