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Vittoria Pit-stop Road Racing Sealant

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As usual, whether it's with the actual rubber, or some cycling necessity, Vittoria busts out with some race-level technology. The Pit-Stop Road Racing Tire & Tube Repair pump is a little can of magical goodness that blasts latex foam pumping a 700c tubular up to 6.5 bar/90psi. Pit Stop is designed to be used on road tires, it does great with tube and tubular tires, and it will fit either a presta or schrader valve.
  • Foam Latex is lighter than liquid
  • Inflates tires up to 90 psi
  • Fixes and seals punctures with foam sealant
  • Can be used to pre-treat a tire with sealant without a special valve
  • Lightweight and small enough to be carried with you on raceday or instead of a spare tubular or tube
  • Universal head for Schrader or Presta valves
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