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Mavic Crossmax XL Pro WTS 27.5" Mountain Wheelset

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The Mavic Crossmax XL Pro WTS 27.5" mountain wheelset is the adventurers' choice, providing the perfect blend of performance and reliability to handle the rigors of enduro endeavors and make the most of all-day rides. The Maxtal alloy rims, with a 23mm internal width and 27mm external width, ensure great comfort and support when the trails get technical. The rim is also pared back, leaving just the right amount of material in high constraint areas. And even more weight is saved thanks to machining between the spokes (Inter Spoke Milling) resulting in a lighter weight rim that's optimized for climbing, accelerating, and handling. The rims have also been designed to add strength to the sidewalls which provides more resistance to impacts, which can't always be avoided when riding technical sections at speed. Both the front and rear wheels are built with 24 bladed Zicral spokes which deliver plenty of strength and stiffness. The front wheel has spokes laced in a 2x pattern for superior comfort and shock absorption, while the rear wheel is laced using Mavic's Isopulse principle to help transfer power to the ground. Radial spokes on the drive side mated with 2x lacing on the non-drive side provide more responsiveness and enable Mavic to widen the spoke flanges for increased lateral stiffness.

The Crossmax XL Pro rims are also fully air tight and easy to use as a tubeless set-up without the hassle of rim tape. The rims also perfectly match the UST Tubeless Ready Crossmax Quest tires (27.5" x 2.4") that are included. Versatility is key for the Quest tread design, offering a great mix of rolling efficiency, traction, and cornering grip. The new dual compound 55/50 Shore A tread provides a fast-rolling and durable center tread and confidence when cornering with softer side knobs. With an additional protection layer, the single-ply casing remains light while being strong enough to ride the most aggressive terrain.

The aluminum hubs are set up for 6-bolt disc rotors and roll super-smooth on Mavic's renowned sealed cartridge bearings. The hubs are also set up for multiple axle standards with the front able to work with both 15mm and 20mm thru-axle systems while the rear wheel can be set up for 135mm quick release and 12x142mm thru-axle systems.
  • Maxtal alloy rims are stiff, lightweight, and responsive
  • Inter Spoke Milling (ISM) technology reduces rim weight without compromising strength
  • Fore technology leaves upper rim bridge un-drilled, with spoke nipples screwed directly into the lower bridge for 4 times the fatigue resistance and 20% more rigidity
  • SUP rim technology means welded and milled joints for excellent strength and balance
  • Zicral aluminum spokes are light, stiff, and bladed
  • Front wheel features 24 spokes in a 2x lacing pattern
  • Rear wheel features 24 spokes laced in Isopulse pattern (radial drive side/2x non-drive side to maximize drive-side dish for better spoke tension balance)
  • Shimano 11-speed compatible cassette body
  • 6-bolt disc compatible
  • ITS-4 (Instant Transfer System) freehub technology ensures quick engagement with 4 pawls working 2 by 2
  • Sealed cartridge bearings for super-smooth rolling performance
  • Crossmax Quest tires included -- 27.5 x 2.4, UST tubeless ready, dual compound tread, Guard+ reinforced casing, 66 TPI, 780g
  • Tubeless ready
  • Recommended tire widths: 1.5" -- 3.0"
  • Mavic recommends total weight (including bike) supported by wheels not exceed 264.5 lbs/120kg
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