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Continental 26" Der Kaiser Projekt 2.4 ProTection Apex Mountain Tire

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The Continental 26" Der Kaiser 2.4 Project ProTection Apex Mountain Tire is the enduro aficionado's dream come true. The technical challenge of rapid, challenging descents plus exhausting ascents requires the combination of a puncture-protecting construction, fine rolling characteristics, as well as excellent grip. This tire features Continental's ProTection layer that guards against cuts and punctures without significantly increasing the weight. The additional Apex sidewall stabilization technology reliably protects the tire against puncturing even if the tire pressure is low. Apex technology features a rubber layer placed between the sidewall layers that protects from impact with the rim during rough rides over rocky ground. Furthermore, the tire stays more upright when cornering as the Apex layer keeps the tire from bending over the sides of the rim when subjected to transverse loads.

There are also 4 plies of 60 TPI casing under the tread as well as 3 plies of 60 TPI casing in the sidewalls for superb strength. And to ensure you roll smooth and dig in to the terrain, the tread is constructed of Continental's renowned BlackChili compound.
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