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Elite Fluid Trainer - Closeout

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When the weather or time constraints necessitate indoor training, the Elite Fluid Trainer is an exceptional choice for improving power and fitness all with a remarkable road-like feel. Elite's fluid resistance unit is simple to use as there's no adjustments necessary -- the faster you pedal the more you have to work. The fluid unit is also very quiet and the trainer's unique Ritmo feet provide a road-like feel unlike any other trainer design. And when you also factor in the Fast Fixing attachment system, this Elite Fluid Trainer emerges as an easy-to-use system that's all about delivering efficient, high-quality workouts.
  • Fluid resistance unit produces progressive resistance that increases as your wheel speed increases - the faster you ride, the harder you have to work
  • Steel frame with widely-spaced feet ensures durability and stability
  • Fast Fixing clamping system provides quick, easy, and safe bicycle attachment and removal
  • Ritmo feet allow the bicycle a range of motion that simulates the feel of road riding
  • Ritmo feet reduce the stress on the bicycle by allowing lateral motion
  • Folds for storage or transport
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