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PRO Falcon Lady 142mm Ti Saddle

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Not only has PRO created a trio of high performance saddles optimized for a rider's style, comfort demands, and sit bone width, but they've made women's-specific versions of them as well. The PRO Falcon Lady Saddle features a flat top that's optimized for the rider who's very stable in the saddle while pedaling. (Also in the PRO lineup are the Griffon, designed for extra support and with a rounded profile, as well as the Turnix which cuts a happy medium between the Falcon and Griffon with a nearly flat, slightly curved profile.) The saddle's titanium rails help reduce weight while an anatomic cut-out down the center of the saddle delivers pressure relief. Shock absorbing technology provides a comfortable ride and is further enhanced by the super-light, high-density EVA padding.

This version of the Falcon Lady features the narrower, 142mm width, either a white or black cover, plus black rails.
  • Women's-specific shape
  • Carbon-reinforced shell construction is lightweight and comfortable
  • Titanium rails are lightweight and durable
  • Center channel provides pressure relief
  • Superlight, high-density EVA padding ensures comfort
  • Microfiber cover is durable and breathable
  • Narrower, 142mm width version
  • Colors: White cover with black rails or black cover with black rails
  • Weight: 220 grams
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