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Mercury M3 700c Carbon 11-Speed Wheelset

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While the Mercury M3 Carbon 700c wheelset is light enough to be considered a pure climbing wheelset, their aerodynamic profile plus exceptional strength make them a go-to choice for all the ups, downs, and flat-outs of high-performance cycling. They cover the demands of every terrain on every day of your cycling life.

At their heart, the M3's carbon fiber rims feature the Dual Carbon Layer Process, or DLP. Mercury blends high- and mid-moduli carbon fibers to straddle the best balance between the lightweight and stiffness of the former and the fatigue-resistance and durability of the latter. DLP also involves the incorporation of basalt fibers in the brake track to reduce heat build-up and increase stopping power. Their increased stopping power goes a long way toward addressing the poor braking that is one of the most common critiques of carbon wheels. The rim height measures 30 millimeters to strike an all-purpose middle ground between straight-on aerodynamics, hiding from crosswinds, and considerations of weight for climbing.

The M3 Carbon wheels are laced with Sapim butted, bladed spokes which are incredibly strong as well as lightweight courtesy of their proprietary butting. The M3 Carbon wheels also utilize Mercury Pro hubs, with a rear hub that engages with 3 pawls for a nearly immediate responsiveness that takes advantage of the rims' low rotational inertia. The front hub has an extra-wide 72 millimeter flange for reduced flex under hard efforts and confident stability at speed. Both hubs have a 15 millimeter axle that tapers to accommodate a traditional quick release and two and four sealed cartridge bearings in the front and back, respectively. Additionally, the M3 Carbon rims are a solid 24mm wide, which means you can run lower PSI for a more comfortable ride that corners with unparalleled confidence.
  • Carbon fiber rim features blend of high- and mid-moduli carbon fibers for an optimal balance of light weight, stiffness, fatigue-resistance, and durability
  • 30mm deep rim profile for superb balance of aerodynamics and acceleration
  • Brake track features basalt fibers to reduce heat build-up and increase stopping power
  • Mercury's Seamless Transition Technology (STT) integrates brake strip with rest of rim to reduce drag-causing turbulence
  • Mercury Pro front hub utilizes extra-wide 72mm flange for reduced flex and confident stability plus rolls super-smooth on sealed cartridge bearings
  • Mercury Pro rear hub features 3 pawls for near immediate engagement plus rolls super-smooth on sealed cartridge bearings
  • Sapim butted, bladed spokes for aerodynamics and strength
  • 20 front spokes with radial lacing pattern
  • 24 rear spokes with 2x lacing pattern
  • Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10/11-speed compatible cassette body
  • Rider weight limit: 250 lbs.
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