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GU Roctane Energy Drink Mix - 12 Servings

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GU Roctane Energy Drink Mix was specifically formulated for the demands of prolonged, ultra-endurance exercise. Specifically, events lasting 4+ hours. The drink is calorically dense, since consuming enough calories during these types of events can be a challenge. Caffeine is included to increase mental acuity, increase performance, and decrease perceived effort -- all of which tend to go south during prolonged efforts. Taurine is included to help combat heart and skeletal muscle fatigue -- as it has been shown to help increase contractility -- which is especially important during long efforts where fatigue management is a big issue. The addition of beta-alanine and histidine help buffer acid caused by going over lactate threshold, and amino acids help prevent muscle damage and aid with muscle recovery.

While the drink mix was formulated for the demands of ultra-endurance exercise, it is also a great choice for intense workouts such as when an athlete will be performing 4 x 15' threshold repeats, for example. This kind of intense effort is one where caffeine may increase concentration and help the athlete push through the entire workout. Additionally, since this type of workout is very intense it can be a challenge to consume enough calories -- making an energy-dense drink beneficial and efficient.
  • One serving delivers 250 calories with 60g of carbohydrates to give your body plenty of fuel for long, hard workouts
  • Caffeine (Lemon Lime/Tropical Fruit/Summit Tea flavors contain 35mg, Grape flavor contains 0mg) helps increase mental acuity and performance, while decreasing perceived effort
  • Taurine helps combat fatigue so you won't get tired as quickly
  • Beta-Alanine and Histidine raises your lactic acid threshold to prevent muscle fatigue
  • Amino acids aid in recovery
  • 12 serving drink mix container (1 serving=21 fluid ounces)
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