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Shimano WH-RS81 C50-CL Road Wheelset

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For riders who seek an aero advantage in their wheels, the Shimano WH-RS81 C50-CL road wheelset delivers legendary Shimano quality and performance. The RS81 C50-CL feature sturdy, stiff, carbon/aluminum rims that provide the convenience of using standard brake pads. The 50mm rim height provides the means to slice through the air plus delivers strength and stiffness for sprinting. Extra wide flange hubs increase lateral rigidity and maximize power transmission while the cold forged, machined aluminum hub shells with oversized 7075 alloy axles keep the weight down.

Furthermore, the stainless steel, double butted, bladed, straight-pull spokes (16 front/21 rear) are lightweight, strong, and aerodynamic. The rear wheel sports Shimano's Opt-Bal 2:1 spoke system which utilizes 14 spokes on the drive side and 7 spokes on the non-drive side. This spoke distribution pattern, in conjunction with the wider flange aluminum hub, equates to optimal spoke tension for enhanced stiffness and strength.
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