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Rocky Mounts TieRod Factory Roof Rack

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Well-designed, well-crafted, and easy to use, the Rocky Mounts TieRod Roof Rack will make transporting your road bike or mountain bike a simple endeavor. The rack includes all the hardware necessary to attach to elliptical, factory-installed crossbars (Subaru, Toyota, etc.) and is constructed of aluminum for light weight and durability. The fork mount requires a quick release front wheel, is disc brake compatible, and the tray can handle tires up to 2.7" in width.

Note, the TieRod Roof Rack is locking-enabled, but the lock cores are not included and must be purchased separately. The rack requires two lock cores so the Rocky Mounts Lock Cores - 2 Pack (Nashbar item # RM-LC2) is just what you need for locking capability to lock both the rack to the vehicle and the bike to the rack.
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