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The Mavic Crossmax Socks feature a high cut, mid weight, and classic looks that never go out of style on the trails. When you're riding narrow trails your legs can take a real beating from bushes, branches, and flying debris so one of the things Mavic did with their Crossmax socks is give them a higher, 20cm (7.9") design and made them from strong Soft Meryl Skinlife fiber. Mavic also made them ridiculously comfortable with great breathability, reinforced heel and toe for extra cushioning, odor control, and anatomical left and right fits.
  • Soft Meryl Skinlife fibers maintain the natural balance of the skin and provides odor control
  • Reinforced heel and toe for more cushioning
  • Left and right specific anatomy
  • Cuff height: 20cm / 7.9"
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