5 Trail Side Essentials

Here are some of our trail must-haves.
Trail riding is one of the most exhilarating times you can spend on your bike. Truth is that not all rides are successful without some essential accessories needed for the journey. With so many options out there, we’re excited to share our top five trail side essentials. We hope that they work for you as well as they do for us.

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Tire plugs can save the day with their ability to seal punctures on your tubeless tire. We never ride without them!

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CO2 or pump

Inflate your tire easily with a CO2 and adapter or a hand pump. Whether you are fixing a flat or just adjusting tire pressure you will be happy to have it with you.

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With a good multi-tool, you'll have the ability to fix most mechanical issues on the trail and save you from walking back to the trailhead.

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Master Link

Replacement links make for an easy trailside chain repair. You might not have all your gears after, but it beats walking!

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Carry an intertube for a last resort when fixing flats. If a puncture is too big for tire plugs, a tube will save the day.

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Bonus item: Hip Pack

A good hip pack can carry everything you need without even noticing it is there. Available in a range of sizes, you can find one that accommodates your every need.

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Let us know!
What are your trail must-haves and how do you carry them? We're interested in knowing what makes your ride successful.