Assos Men's T.Mille s7 Cycling Bib Shorts (Black Series)

Assos Men's T.Mille s7 Cycling Bib Shorts (Black Series)
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The T.mille s7 bib short is Assos's 'everyday workhorse' offering. Ideal for your leisurely social rides and commutes, while up to the challenge of more serious endevors. Designed with emphasis on both comfort and performance, yet tailored with a more accomodating fit, so those of us that love to ride but don't necessarily have the pro racer body type. can still enjoy that legendary Assos quality, comfort, and performance. Employing technology and fabrics engineered over a 5-year period, the T.mille offers reduced seams, superior support, and abrasion-resistant fabric. Assos's comfortFit provides a wider cut waist that is soft, stretchy, and supportive, and low enough to facilitate easy nature breaks. The wide, flat bib straps reduce friction and pressure on the shoulders, and the mesh back panel increases breathability. The mille chamois insert is light, fast drying and breathable, featuring Assos waffle 8mm thick memory foam multi-layer construction, and attached with the revolutionary goldenGate stitch design which eliminates the seams on either side, where motion tends to cause friction. This allows the chamois to move with the body in a more three-dimensional way. The shorts are Type.429 Titanio, which is luxuriously soft to the touch, yet durable enough to stand up to abrasion and wear. This unique proprietary blend material is naturally black, not dyed, so when stretched it doesn't show any signs of transparency. It offers subtle compression to keep things in place, and manages heat and moisture to keep you feeling dryer for longer. The T.mille s7 bib shorts offer tremendous comfort and fit for the money and are considered some of the best bib shorts you can buy at this price!


  • s7 generation: Technology and fabrics engineered over a 5 year period
  • comfortFit: Assos's most accomodating fit, suiting the widest range of riders. Allows generous freedom of movement without undue pressure on any part of the anatomy. Designed for long distance comfort.
  • Type.429 Titanio: A Unique textile, that uses a 4-way stretch to maximise the elasticity of the fabric.
  • Y7 frame carrier bibTech: A bib using a wider cut of elastic for less pressure on your shoulders, resulting in less friction and more comfort. 
  • mille_S7 insert: A revolutionary insert offering a deft balance of performance and comfort with 8mm of memory foam.
  • ASSOS waffle: The patented three layer foam used in ASSOS inserts with perforations that make it light and highly breathable.
  • ASSOS superAir: A development of the ASSOS waffle technology for even greater breathability and lower weight.
  • ASSOS goldenGate: A patented technology which augments the performance of the chamois by allowing the most fluent movement with the body. Rather than being stitched all the way around, it's only partially stitched, which allows the chamois to move in a three-dimensional way, and eliminates seams in the potential problem zone.
  • superFlat grippers: ultra minimal grippers with optimal stretch return to secure the shorts in place without any excessive pressure.

Material Composition:
74% nylon, 18% Elastane, 8% spandex


Note: Assos bibs fit perfectly on the bike and thus can feel a little 'short' while standing upright. Please refer to the charts below for measuring size, and note TIR is similar to XLG but wider (not taller).



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Measurement Guide:

  • To determine the best size measure the waist, hips, and height and take the average
  • If in doubt, Assos recommends sizing up
  • Waist- Measure the circumference around the narrowest part of the waist
  • Hips- Measure the circumference around the fullest part of the hips
  • Height- Measure height from head to toe
Circumference (in)
Circumference (cm)
Circumference (in)
Circumference (cm)
Height (in)Height (cm)
XS27.5 - 29.1"70 - 74cm35 - 37.4"89 - 95cm61.2 - 66.9"155 - 170cm
S29.2 - 31.5"75 - 80cm37 - 39.4"94 - 100cm65 - 70"165 - 178cm
M31.6 - 33.8"81 - 86cm39 - 41.7"99 - 106cm68.1 - 74"173 - 188cm
L33.9 - 36.2"87 - 92cm41.3 - 43.3"105 - 110cm70 - 74.8"178 - 190cm
XL36.3 - 39"93 - 99cm42.9 - 45.6"109 - 116cm71.3 - 76.7"181 - 195cm
XLG39.1 - 41.7"100 - 106cm45.3 - 47.6"115 - 121cm72.8" +++185cm +++
TIR41.8" +++107cm +++47.2" +++1220cm +++72.8" +++185cm +++

Note: All measurements are provided by the manufacturer and may vary depending on how measurements are acquired.