Intense 2023 Tracer 279 Expert Mountain Bike (White) (M)

Price: $5,499.00
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Built for Enduro, a-ya. This thing eats up mountainous terrain on the downhill and then you have to pedal all the way back up to do it again.
"On your left!" is what you'll hear as you suck wind on the climb, but don't let those E-bike bro-brah's get you down. Those bikes look lame! 
In the classic "mullet" trend, this bike has two different wheel sizes. However the term mullet is totally wrong and makes no sense. The term should be "pompadour" as this bad boy sports 29" business up front and 27.5" action out back. The Ricky Ricardo of enduro bikes. Eat that Santa Cruz. 
Wow, this copywrite is intense.  Get it?  

This product was added to our catalog on October 7, 2022