2021 jet 9 rdo

Completely reimagined for 2021, our classic JET 9 RDO reasserts its position as our most popular, most versatile, and most agile trail bike. With hyper-capable frame geometry and 120mm of suspension travel, you’ll float up technical climbs, blast downhills, and fly smoothly over everything in between.

Tuned and ready for takeoff

Contemporary frame geometry translates to modern trail manners when you need them most. Geometry slack enough to stay in control on a rough descent, but sharp enough to still be able to pedal back up with ease.

Jet engine: Constantly varying arc

The beating heart of the JET 9 RDO is the Constantly Varying Arc (CVA) suspension system. CVA fundamentals are to be stable yet supple while climbing and pedaling, but sensitive and supportive when pointing downhill.

a fuselage that’s fit for flight

Niner's premium RDO, Race Day Optimized, carbon fiber means more strength, higher stiffness, and less weight.

just enough travel to take any trail

A blend of weight-conscious trimming where possible and strength-enhancing structures where needed gives the trail bike the ideal balance of XC light weight and trail bike sturdiness.