RockShox Metric Coil Spring (650lbs) (47.5–55mm)

Metric Coil springs are available in many sizes and weight ratings, allowing riders to take full advantage of their shock's rebound and compression adjustments by dialing in the spring rate and setting the correct suspension sag.

Note: See "Size Chart" for spring details.

This product was added to our catalog on January 25, 2021

ModelSpring WeightLengthTravel
00.4118.200.002450 lbs134mm47.5-55mm
00.4118.200.003500 lbs134mm47.5-55mm
00.4118.200.004550 lbs134mm47.5-55mm
00.4118.200.005600 lbs134mm47.5-55mm
00.4118.200.006650 lbs134mm47.5-55mm
00.4118.200.010450 lbs151mm57.5-65mm
00.4118.200.011500 lbs151mm57.5-65mm
00.4118.200.012550 lbs151mm57.5-65mm
00.4118.200.013600 lbs151mm57.5-65mm
00.4118.200.016300 lbs174mm67.5-75mm
00.4118.200.019350 lbs174mm67.5-75mm