AMain Men's Short Sleeve MTB Jersey (M)

AMain Men's Short Sleeve MTB Jersey (M)
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The Amain Cycling MTB Short Sleeve Jersey is a performance driven design that looks every bit as good as it feels. Mesh back and side panels helps keep you cool on hot days and the loose fit is a favorite with MTB riders. Three rear pockets provide quick access to useful items while on the road or the trail.

Air-dry technology - These jerseys are made with 100% microfiber 100% polyester. Ensuring a smooth and silky surface finish, this high quality material ensures longevity of the stunning finish even after a long period of time. The micro air-dry draws the humidity away from the skin so that it can evaporate quickly. Humidity control of the internal fibers provides long lasting comfort and efficiency of the cycling athlete.

Air-Mesh - This mesh is placed around the area's most susceptible to sweat.It allows the evaporation of the sweat to maintain your comfort and keep you dry on the inside.

50+ UPF protection - This technology gives a special coating to cycling clothing, filtering UV rays to protect athletes skin. 

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