OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post (Black) (31.6mm) (545mm) (210mm) (Internal Routing) (Remote Not Included)

OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post Description:

The OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post is an affordably priced long travel dropper post with impressive performance that caters to a wide range of mountain bike frame sizes. Superior engineering and premium materials make the V3 Dropper post the lightest weight, longest-travel infinitely adjustable dropper post on the market. An impressive range of seatpost lengths and travel sizes ensure the longest travel option available for any size frame thanks to the low overall stack height design. The adjustable travel design permits up to a 20mm reduction, allowing users to fine tune travel by selecting their preferred combination of the included 10mm shims for a truly personalized setup. Silky smooth IGUS bushings make for fluid actuation and robust SKF seals keeps moisture and mud out while keeping grease in. Pair the OneUp Components Dropper Post V3 with any bike, no matter what size, for a tailored experience that fits like a glove.


  • Lightweight infinitely adjustable dropper post with short stack height
  • Internally routed cable operation compatible with remote dropper levers (sold separately)
  • Pre-pressurized sealed internal cartridge sustains reliable performance with no need to top up
  • Travel shim system offers two 10mm increments for up to a 20mm reduction in travel
  • Premium IGUS bushings and SKF seals extend service interval length


  • Remote Included: No (Sold Separately)
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • Rail Clamp: Compatible With Standard 7 x 7mm Rails
  • Color: Black
  • Weights:
    • 325g (30.9mm | 90mm)
    • 370g (30.9mm | 120mm)
    • 415g (30.9mm | 150mm)
    • 460g (30.9mm | 180mm)
    • 515g (30.9mm | 210mm)
    • 585g (30.9mm | 240mm)
    • 337g (31.6mm | 90mm)
    • 370g (31.6mm | 120mm)
    • 433g (31.6mm | 150mm)
    • 480g (31.6mm | 180mm)
    • 538g (31.6mm | 210mm)
    • 610g (31.6mm | 240mm)
    • 408g (34.9mm | 90mm)
    • 472g (34.9mm | 120mm)
    • 535g (34.9mm | 150mm)
    • 600g (34.9mm | 180mm)
    • 675g (34.9mm | 210mm)
    • 765g (34.9mm | 240mm)

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